Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School- Michael Miller Style!


Sorry for the horrible pictures, but it was 7:00 am with low light and a camera with a foggy lens because of the humidity.
Mama made Aly's outfit on Saturday.  She used McCalls pattern number 6062 for the top and the shorts are from a scrubs costume pattern she bought a few years ago that I can't seem to find the number for, sorry.
Abby's skirt is my version of Pink Fig's Girly Stripwork Skirt.  I take my basic starting point from her pattern measurements, but then change pretty much everything there is on it.  This skirt was actually made for Aly, but the girls are so close in size now, that they agreed to share skirts so they could both have more styles to wear.

They do love each other, sometimes anyway!

Me, my Mama, and the girls had a great visit to Mary Jo's Cloth store last Friday.  It was so much fun and I got to pick out some Michael Miller fabric which I can never justify paying $9-$10/ yard for at the quilt shop.  Mary Jo's sells it for less than $6.49-$6.89/ yard so I went a little nuts.  I ended up with 10 different Michael Miller fabrics.  I was one happy girl!  Still am since I still get to decide what else to make.