Saturday, August 18, 2012

Forest Life Twirly Skirt

I have made a skirt from this pattern before, but had lost my instructions for it.
Spent about an hour searching the internet to find the tutorial for it yesterday.  I decided I should post it here on my blog so I will be able to find it the next time I decide to make one.  The instructions are great and she tells you exactly how to measure to make it just the right size for your child.

I made Abby's first one from the dimensions she used for her little girl and it fit her from about age 4-6.  It still fits her in the waist now, but is too short to wear without leggins underneath.  Abby is just a little over 4 ft 3" tall now and her waist is about 26".  Here are the dimensions for the one pictured here:
Waistband- 4 3/4" x 36"
Ruffles- 7 1/4" x 72"
Connecting strip- 5 3/4" x 39"

I made myself a new zippered pencil pouch using strips of the selvage.  With the girls getting all these new school supplies, I thought I deserved a little something new for my last year of nursing school.