Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pillow Box- Last minute gift wrap

So, here it is the night before the last day of school, and what have I done, but procrastinate as usual. I intended to buy some cute little gift bags at Dollar Tree today for the girls to put their teacher gifts in for tomorrow, but my day did not go nearly as smoothly as I planned. So, I did something I am thankful to be pretty good at; I improvised!

Click on the template image for the link to a printable template.

These go together really quickly. I used some lighter weight cardstock I had on hand. Heavier cardstock is a little harder to work with, but will be more durable. We didn't need these to last forever though, just make it through a trip to school in the girls bookbags.

I just traced around the template and cut it out, then I used the pointy end of one of my knitting needles to score the dashed lines onto it. Then had Abby write the names on them.

I found it easier to go ahead and pre-fold all of your creases before you do any taping. It's easier to get it to go together smoothly this way.

Tape the edges together.

Fold in the ends.

Tie a ribbon, or piece of string around it to keep the ends closed or just tape them.

DONE! Now that was easy wasn't it?

We made fabric bracelets similar to this one for all of their teachers this year. I took the girls to Hobby Lobby and let them pick out whatever fabric they wanted for each teacher. I stitched up the fabric tube and then they pretty much did the rest of the assembly themselves.

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Quiltstory said...

How sweet of a gift is that? I love how much your little girl put into it. Great ideas!