Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Stocking Exchange

I did a Christmas Stocking Exchange with Donna at Mudpies and Memories.
Here are the rules we went by:
1. The stocking must be homemade and from items already in our sewing/crafting stashes.
2. No more than $5 can be spent
3. At least one item must be purchased from Goodwill (a frugalista favorite)
4. Must include at least 1 candy/food item (because we love to eat!)

Here are the things I put in Donna's gift:

Homemade Apple Muffin Mix

Seriously, how cute is this smiling spoon. I recieved a set of 6 for Christmas and just had to share one.
Banana Chips
Scrabble Tile Necklace and kit so she can make more. The tiles are from a game I found at Goodwill.
Bottlecap Pincushion. I actually went "dumpster diving" in our big garbage can outside to reclaim the apple juice lid for this one!
Scarf- knitted this one myself! I'm so proud I finished it in 24 hours during my hubby's Sunday and Monday football watching sessions.

1/2 yard of Coca Cola fabric from my stash used to wrap the gift. I was just NOT in the mood to make a stocking and this way it can be reused for something else.

Here it is all wrapped up and ready to give.


Angel Ruff said...

You two are so creative! That is so neat :)

Donna @ Mudpies and Memories said...

The "happy spoon" is hanging out by the stove in it's new home. :) And my scarf was soooo nice when we were racing across the windy parking lot at Macy's yesterday!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

(And since my camera is still out of commission, I'm going to link to this post on my blog. You know.... since you wrote it up all pretty!)

Becky said...

Angel you should join us next year with all the artistic talent in your family.

Donna, you are very welcome. It was a lot of fun!

Mr. Mudpie said...

I enjoyed the outcome of this gift exchange and have realized I am now addicted to banana chips. On another note, I tried to eat my hppy sauce with the happy spoon but it would not hold the happy liquid.