Thursday, December 24, 2009

Look What I Got!

Look at all the goodies I got in my stocking from Donna!

~Several packs of rubber gloves- for soapmaking b/c I am always losing them.
~Orange Cream soda from Whole Foods- my absolute favorite soft drink ever!
~Adorable little bottle of Diet Coke- so needed this one today too.
~3 Fat Quarters of Fabric- love the snowmen on the Christmas scene one.

She made the stocking from a sweater at Goodwill. I love the buttons on the heel!

A very cute needle book. I have needed one of these for so long but never thought to make on for myself. I do a lot of hand stitching while waiting in the pickup line at school to get the girls in the afternoons and am always searching for my needle. Hmm, should have taken a close-up of the front. It is green with my name and a flower hand embroidered on the front and a little felt flower in one corner.

Reusable snack bag filled with peanut M&M's. Is this an ongoing gift? Can I give it back to you when it is empty and you refill it for me?

My gloves were wrapped up in the black piece of fabric and tied up with a pretty teal ribbon. I will have to confiscate it from a cheetos eating 4 year old later.


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