Friday, January 1, 2010

My Second Quilt

I finally finished Aly's quilt this afternoon. If I had thought ahead, I would have started working on the binding one day earlier so I could have at least finished it in 2009. Oh well, a finished quilt is a great way to start off 2010 if you ask me, so here it is...

Aly chose to have a silvery grey to have hers tied with. It is a super soft bamboo yarn.

Just look at those beautiful blue skies we had today!

She wanted the green kitty fabric as her back strip and binding. She said it reminded her of her cousin Phoebe.

I love the crinkled look the back has. Too bad it isn't from being washed and dried, but just from being shoved, not folded, in a rubbermaid box for a couple of months.

That is 980 little squares per quilt, so 1,960 little squares total for the 2 quilts.

As much as I loved making these quilts for the girls, the next quilt will be for ME! And, it will have something other than squares, larger pieces of fabric, and completely random so there is less thought involved.

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pamela said...

very impressive!!! one of these days....i will make a quilt! but girl i am not doing those little squares. i think i would explode....tedious work stresses me out.