Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twisty Hairstyle

I finally figured out how to do a "braid" that was really just a twist. I could never figure out how to get it to stay twisted before, but I stumbled across this video today at The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. There are some really amazing haristyles for little girls on there. I do not do anything nearly that elaborate to either of the girls hair. They are too impatient and my hairstyling skills are seriously lacking! I have never mastered french braiding, but this simple little twist was really quick and easy. Plus, I just don't see the point in spending so much time on their hair. Aly is like me and hers is coarse and frizzes like crazy.

Trying to insert a picture of what her hair looks like when she wakes up some mornings here, but Blogger doesn't like it aparently b/c it won't work right now. Oh well, moving on for now.

I think it would look better if I did a much smaller section of hair, but you get the general idea.
Here is a close-up of it in Aly's hair.
I even managed to get one in Abby's hair upon her request.
By the way, anyone that has known Abby for very long knows that she absolutely HATED having her hair brushed. She has a very tender head, which is part of the reason for the super short haircuts she has had for about a year now. It started when she cut a little piece of her ponytail last year right before Christmas. I took her to get a super short haircut at that point. It looks cute on her, but you just can't DO anything with short hair. About a month ago she got really picky about her hair and started brushing it like a billion times a day. She even sleeps with a hiarbrush under her pillow! So, now we have decided to let it grow back out longer as long as she keeps up the brushing routine herself.

I am definately going to have to try this one too:
A Faux French Braid for Those of You Who Can't... because I definately CAN'T. Or can't very well anyway. I just have to pick up some of those tiny rubber bands first. Ours have joined the lost sock society I guess. Here is a picture of it from her blog.

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~SHANNON~ said...

These are just BEAUTIFUL and so creative! I'm bookmarking this entry so that when my pumpkin gets some more hair I can remember to try some of these!! Love 'em!