Saturday, January 23, 2010

Candyland Birthday Party Inspiration

Since starting back to school, my crafting time is limited and I have only been working on the quilt I have already shown you a preview of. So, I thought I would share the inspiration for the girls' birthday party this year. I'll start with the cake.
This one was made by Amy Vickery.

I saw this one at Lakes Cakes.

I want to do the big containers full of candy for the girls birthday party, but will need plastic if we do it at the park. Oh I just had this though, we can do a big piece of candy or gum (round ball) as a pinata! I wanted to have one again, but make it myself and a round ball is definately easy enough for me to do. The I can use tissue paper coming out the ends to look like the twisted wrapper part. Or I could make it look like a big flat piece of candy shaped like a peppermint or something to, whichever the girls prefer.

All of these inspiration pictures were posted from a Christmas party over at Bakerella

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Kim @ said...

Stumbled on your post... Great ideas! I love the cakes

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