Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Machine

A German Dirndl for my friend Angel.  Finally something fun and slightly challenging for me to make.  I am having so much fun with this project for some reason.  Hopefully it turns out well and Angel will let me post some pictures of her wearing it.  I am using the BurdaStyle 6038.

I have mixed feelings about the pattern.  The pieces are going together great.  That is after I finally figured out how to put it together pretty much by myself.  The instructions that came with the pattern are probably the worst instructions I have ever seen.  EVER! 
Thankfully, Grosgrain has made her version/ interpritation of the dress and posted some wonderful instructions.  She added piping to the front seams and also put a zipper in the back, but you can still pretty much follow her directions and just leave out the zipper and piping.  Changing her instructions is definately easier than trying to follow the ones Burda gives you with the pattern.

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Angel Ruff said...

I got to try on the top part tonight and it is soooo great!! I am so excited you are making this for me, and you can definitely take and post some pics of me wearing it when you are done!