Monday, December 27, 2010

Slushy Syrup

Abby was very happy to get her very own Slushy Machine for Christmas.  She requested a blizzard maker, but since we already have 2 different types of ice cream churns, I'm glad her grandparents decided to go with this instead.  You can get one at Toys R Us. We tried it out on Christmas night and it did a great job of shaving the ice.  Much better than doing it in the blender like we have tried before. 

The syrup mix on the other hand was disgusting.  What a letdown for a kid that just made her first slushy.  We tried the orange flavor and it tasted slightly orangey and very chemically.  So, today, I made my own syrup using the recipe below, and we all had wonderful grape slushys for an afternoon snack.  Abby was a very happy little girl.

Slushy Syrup
1 cup water
1 packet unsweetened Kool Aid mix
1 3/4 cups sugar

Put everything in a small pot on the stovetop and heat on medium until the sugar is completely dissolved.  Allow it to cool.  We re-used a water bottle with a sports bottle top to store ours in and make it super easy to pour over our shaved ice.

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