Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mama's Whirlygig Quilt

First I have to say it was VERY hard for me to not let Mama know I was working on this quilt.  I usually keep her updated every step along the way from the inspirational design, choosing the fabric, how many blocks I have finished, making the sandwich and doing the quilting, then finally making and sewing on the binding.  I only almost told her I was working on a new quilt once and thankfully she wasn't paying too close of attention and didn't comprehend what I said.
I even had this quilt finished before Thanksgiving and kept myself from giving it to her early.  Needless to say, she was VERY suprised when she opened it.  It is a lap size quilt measuring approximately 51" x 59".  I forgot to measure it once it was all finished, but that was the last measurement I took when I had the top completely finished. 

The print fabrics are from a couple of fat quarter bundles of Donna Dewberry fabric I picked up at a craft show a few years ago.  The cream is leftover fabric from when I made quilts for my 2 girls.
I think I found my original inspiration from Quilting on Turtle Hill, but there are lots of free tutorials out ther if you just google whirlygig quilt.

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Caci said...

I LOVE IT!! The girls presents are still at my house...sorry i forgot! I hope y'all have a wonderful 2011!!