Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Haircuts for a Cause

Mine went to Locks of Love and Aly's is going to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who has it made into wigs for women with cancer. Pantene's cause really hits home with me because my Aunt Jane had breast cancer and had to go through the hair loss along with all of the other side effects that come with the treatments. Locks of Love requires 10" minimum and Pantene only requires 8" and that's about all Aly had that she was able to cut off. I am just happy we were able to help two great causes and a new look for ourselves at the same time.

Before (Abby was feeling left out of the haircut process and wanted to be in the picture too)

Eating Ice Cream at Scoops after the big chop!
Love their bright chairs and walls!


Angel Ruff said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new haircuts!!! Great job girls, I am so proud of you. What a wonderful thing to do.

pamela richey said...


becky @ becky ann designs said...

Thanks everyone. We are definately enjoying having fewer tangles, and short hair is much easier for swimming too.

linda said...

Bless you!! My daughter has donated her hair to locks of love twice already, and is ready to do it again. My hair never grew that fast when I was young.