Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodwill Finds

It was a great day to shop at Goodwill in Pendleton, SC today. All items with a red tag (everything you will see here) were only $1.00. I love shopping at Goodwill and am not at all ashamed of shopping there either. I get a thrill out of searching and waiting for the awesome deals on great quality clothing there. I could afford to pay retail prices for my kids clothing if I had to, but this is so much more fun. And we get a few nicer things by shopping there also if I am just diligent enough to wait and dig for the deals. The only blemishes on any of the items I bought today are the minor stains you see on The Children's Place size 5 jeans.

Gymboree Dress from their Lots of Dots line. Size 9, but it fits Aly well enough to not look sloppily big on her now. Original price $26.50

Gymboree Petite Mademoiselle Capri pants size 7. These do not look like they have ever been worn. Original Price $34.50

Old Navy Long sleeve T-shirt size M. Original cost $9.50

3 Pairs Jeans The Children's Place size 5 originally $16.50, Faded Glory with embroidery size 6 approximate original cost $10.00, and Levis 517 size 6x originally $19.98.

"Wedding Dress" for the girls to play dress-up size 7. No clue on original cost, but Abby really wanted the one at Target in the toy department for $29.99, so I will go with that.

Total Original Cost of all items: $146.97

Total I paid for all items: $7.00

Total savings: $139.97

Seeing the look on Abby's face when I gave her the wedding dress: PRICELESS!

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Donna said...

Great score on the jeans! I bet Abby was one seriously happy little girl with the wedding dress.