Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

I made these Cat in the Hat cupcakes for Aly's class at school last year to celebrate Dr. Seuss. I used a mini cupcake for the head, but you could also use a doughnut hole. The hat is a marshmallow glued on with frosting. The eyes and nose are M&M’s. The whiskers and hat stripes are just frosting that I tinted and piped on. The original called for twizler type candy, but I had a hard time getting it to curl around the hat and stay there even with gobs of frosting, so the piping was much easier for me.


The Homespun Momma said...
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The Homespun Momma said...

Hey Becky! I didn't know you were a blogger also. I have two blogs: and I haven't been updating regularly as I would like be it is fun. I hope the girls are enjoying school. Talk to you later!